About Dr. Laura Miranda

Dr. Laura Miranda is the founder and creator of PURSUIT

Dr. Laura Miranda DPT, MSPT is doctor of physical therapy and a NYC fitness trainer/motivator/educator by trade. But by mission, she coaches people in the pursuit of becoming the best possible version of themselves!

I always say that by trade, I am a physical therapist, a trainer, an educator, and motivator. But by mission, I coach people in the pursuit of becoming the best possible version of themselves.


My ultimate goal is to change the way outdoor fitness is done on a global level.

Based off of my 10-year track record of successful outdoor fitness programs NYC, I recently launched PURSUIT as a licensed fitness business for trainers to run their own PURSUIT programs in cities around the world. (So far in the US, UK, ASIA, and AUSTRALIA!)

The bedrock of my training and coaching methodology is a 360-degree, mind-body-soul experience.  Because after all, if were JUST about working out and eating clean, we ALL would have achieved our all of our hopes, goals, and dreams by now!

PURSUIT itself is many things. It is a group fitness class in NYC. It is a training method that any athlete can utilize in his or her own workout.  It is a turn-key business model for trainers to run their own PURSUIT programs around the world.

In each case, the fundamental coaching mindset and philosophy remains the same.

You can offer the most kick ass, highly customized, scientifically advanced workouts in the world. They can be delivered by the most motivating and inspiring coach on this planet. BUT, if you don’t ALSO demand that your athletes work on the mindset, personal development and self-loving behavioral change components, you will be cutting the longevity of their results short.

It is my fundamental belief that if you show an athlete how to use exercise to change their body AND their lives, they will be yours forever.

The goal of a LEADER isn't to amass followers; it's to empower others to become great leaders themselves.

Dr. Laura Miranda is also a well respected speaker who runs fitness workshops and motivational/educational events for companies such as Whole Foods, Twitter, lululemon, The New York Stock Exchange, Tough Mudder, Merrill, RBC Capital Markets and multiple small and large Wall Street firms.

She also streams live and on-demand group workouts along with the hottest fitness studios and gurus in the industry on a platform called FORTË.