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consulting-thumbDr. Laura Miranda is a respected motivational and educational speaker for large and small corporations, from tech to wall street. She has a rich history of delivering continuing education seminars for rehabilitation clinicians, wellness professionals, as well as teams of elite athletes.

Laura has spent years educating wellness professionals on how to grow their business, motivating teams of elite athletes to perform at the highest level, and leading employees of large corporations like the NYSE, Twitter, and Whole Foods, to produce at their highest livel by staying healthy.

The content might be different, the core of the message is always the same: to constantly be in pursuit of becoming the best possible version of yourself.


Being a leader in this industry
isn't about amassing "followers."
It's about empowering and inspiring others
to become powerful leaders themselves.

My true passion is teaching fit pros (personal trainers, coaches, physical therapists) how to make an impact in the fitness industry, how to cultivate a long term business strategy, and to ensure longevity and sustainability in your career.  – Laura

A coach has the ability to connect the dots, empower, and ignite the magic of what already exists right under the surface in our athletes.

5 pillar formula for building a dedicated tribe, a fulfilled life, and long term success

  • Have a clear vision, and a why that makes you bounce out of bed each day
  • Frame your training and coaching as a Metaphor for how you live your life
  • Deliver a message, mindset, and that equips people think,
  • and challenges the fitness status quo
  • Hold yourself and your business to high standards, and impeccable Systems, and execution
  • Be open to seeing everything through a different lens (business, training, living)
  • Always

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