The inverted position integrates the upper extremity and core musculature in a way that takes any quadruped “plank based” exercise to a whole new level.

In progressive bodyweight training, we don’t have the luxury of just “adding weight” to the exercise in order to make it more challenging or our clients. Therefore, we must tweak the variables in order to do just that.

In this case, these are the bodyweight training variables we are tweaking:
1. Points of contact with the ground,  2. Gravity, 3. Speed.

The following 3 movement patterns of course are progressions, and should be added in once you max out on reps in the traditional positions and your brain is going numb from boredom.



Lateral Swipes

Anterior Swipes

Mountain Climbers



1. Slow the eff down. Speed will always hide compensatory patterns. Check your ego at the door, and own the movement before increasing the pace.
2. Once you drop from 4 points of contact to 3, your goal is to stabilize motion in the transverse plane –> minimize lateral shifting and rotation at the trunk and pelvis.
3. Maintain the anti-shrugged position of your #shoulders throughout. This will set your shoulders in the most congruent position to hold your body weight.
4. Do about 15-20 seconds of each movement…WITH GOOD FORM. Rest 20 seconds in between.
5. If you lack the wrist extension flexibility or joint mobility to sustain this position, begin with targeted wrist stretches.


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