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  • Most bodyweight training formats are insufficient for changes in body composition becuase they lack sufficient volume and density.
  • ‘Metabolic Ascension Training’ stokes the metabolism and sheds fat due to tweaking the variables of volume/density and therefore total work accomplished.

Do you know what I’m ALWAYS in need of for my group training biz? And I have a feeling that maybe you are the same…
NEW WORKOUTS to use for my outdoor groups that deliver fresh results! Sometimes it gets hard to keep coming up with this ‘ish year after year, right?

Here is one that I recently used with my new fat shedding method.

You can steal it for your group and plug it in asap! (It also works great with 1on1 clients that you train outdoors or in as well.)

Once I added this one formatting tweak, my clients started dropping fat faster than ever before. The results were undeniable.

The Problem With Most Bodyweight Workouts

THE PROBLEM with most body weight workouts is that the volume and density (total work and duration) are not great enough to elicit change in the body.

That is why I have designed this bad boy:


The Eternal Shredder
Equipment needed: a stair case.
Duration 4 mins.
Line your group up at the base of a staircase.

Here’s how it will look:
1 Flight of Stairs – Sprint!
2 Lunge Jumps

1 Flight of Stairs – Sprint!
4 Lunge Jumps

1 Flight of Stairs – Sprint!
6 Lunge Jumps

= 1 Round.
Repeat for as many rounds as possible in 4 minutes!


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The fine details:

  • Time: Set the clock for 4 minutes
  • Exercises on the ladder: (i.e. exercises) Choose 2 – one with a ‘cardio-conditioning’ focus, and one a ‘strength’ focus.
  • Reps on the ladder: FLIGHT OF STAIRS stays at 1 rep. LUNGE JUMPS ascends up from 2 reps to 6.
  • Once they get up to 6  (This = 1 round), they start again back at 2 again.
  • The goal: get through as many rounds as possible.
  • Rest: They are encouraged to rest when they need throughout! Tell them to rest as short as they need to recover and then jump back in.

Once this drill is done, move the group to a different area of the park for the the next Drill!

For maximum benefit, it’s important to utilize the Obstacles that you have around you. Think: hills, stairs, benches, lines on the ground, walls, curbs, scaffolding etc.
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