How to Start a Fitness Newsletter To Get Clients
by Dr. Laura Miranda, creator PURSUIT: The Revolutionary Fitness Movement 

I cut through Central Park on my Vespa (don’t call it a moped) today and it reminded me of when I had my first outdoor fitness program there 10 years ago.  I made a TON of mistakes, and the main one was in MARKETINGGG.

I had a kick ass fitness program but ZERO idea how to get clients to join and show up!

Maybe you can identify.

I legit used to stand by the subway entrance begging people to take a flyers as they ran down the steps! (I absolutely got spit on. Once. That’s not an exaggeration.)

What the hell did i know about marketing?

When you jump from being trainer in a big box gym, to being an independent trainer... there are very few new skills you have to acquire. Getting 1 or 2 new clients every few months basically comes from word of mouth referrals.

No biggie.

BUTTT when you jump from being an indie trainer to entrepreneur/ business owner, BOYYY you feel like you are a neophyte out in the world just learning how to walk.

The SKILL SETS are vvvvery different!

How do you get (consistent) new clients? How will people find out about your program? What is email marketing?  How do i even get people ON my newsletter list?

I flailed around for about a year not really knowing what I was doing. Then I started buying some courses, books, and finally joined a fitness coaching program.

At the time, the investment was no small amount.  But I tried everything i could think of and was frustrated and out of ideas. I knew I needed to pay someone to just download me on exactly what I need to do to be successful, and to hold me accountable every step of the way.

It was worth the investment (x10!)

So if you want to avoid as many mistakes as possibly and launch your successful outdoor fitness biz, you need to be at the live event I am throwing in NYC May 19 &20.

Here are the 3-step email marketing check list to get consistent clients in your fitness biz. Simple? YEP. But only if you execute it on a consistent basis!

#1 You MUST have a newsletter.
1. There are many email marketing services, I like Constant Contact. You can try it free for 60 days!
2. Start by uploading all emails of your friends, contacts, and anyone who has ever contacted you or your business about your services.

#2. Begin emailing your best stuff at regular intervals.
Set yourself up as the EXPERT and the answer to your niche’s biggest problemos. Generate fresh new content to help them be successful, and weave great offers to get them into your paid programs. Remember, it takes on average 7 points of contact with you/your business before most people will consider giving you $$.  Just start. Seriously. Like now.

#3 Crete a system for consistently getting new people on your list!
This my friends, is MARKETING 101. It’s called a marketing funnel, but let’s not get too fancy just yet. Start with Facebook posts, Facebook ads, in person events, bribery? (jk)

It goes without saying that MUST be a badass trainer who has a passionate message to share with the world.

Just remember, NONE OF THAT MATTERS if you can’t get amazing people in your program.

So if you are wondering how grow your business, to fill your classes and your programs, this 3 step formula is really the boiled down version of how to do just that.


If this info resonated with you, and you want to start up and fast track your fitness business success,  

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