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Dr. Laura Miranda and her revolutionary fitness movement called PURSUIT, have been featured in the following local and national media.

Dr. Laura Miranda interview on Health Nuts Podcast

Dr. Laura Miranda tells us how, through PURSUIT, she is changing the game about what ‘fitness’ actually means. She goes deep into how living your healthiest life and becoming your best self, can actually be pretty simple. You just need to have the right tools, and of course, mindset!

Powerful Mind PODCAST

Dr. Laura Miranda talks about why PURSUIT training is a metaphor for life. Building a powerful mindset STARTS with a belief in yourself and GROWS by overcoming obstacles (both benches/stairs/hills and the emotional ones to.

PURSUIT location in Chambersburg, PA featured in USA Today

Dr. Laura Miranda’s revolutionary fitness movement known as PURSUIT, spreads across the globe.  Frankie and Annette Serrano have recently experienced massive success opening their own indoor and outdoor PURSUIT location in Chambersburg, PA!  The media was there to capture the magic at the ribbon cutting ceremony!

Dr. Laura Miranda's Inspiring Story And Advice For Fellow Entrepreneurs  “When you look at the world through a different lens and don’t have preconceived notions about everything, you expand your potential.” Dr. Laura Miranda discusses how to turn your obstacles into opportunity and how to create your own path and define your own success in the fitness industry.

Top 25 Female Coaches To Follow In 2017 Dr. Laura Miranda makes the list of 25 female coaches in the fitness industry. This list is made up of smart, talented, inspirational, strong, and are amazing role models. All of these fantastic women, who come from very diverse backgrounds, have the mission of educating, empowering, and inspiring, versus shaming women into looking or acting a certain way.

How to Build Your Outdoor Fitness Tribe

Watch NESTA CEO, Dr. John Spencer Ellis interview Dr. Laura Miranda on building an outdoor fitness empire. Get the essential ingredients to creating an incredible experience that builds your tribe and generates clients for life!

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