Maybe the 1-on-1 personal training model that you’ve been selling ISN’T the best way to serve your clients, make more money, and create more freedom for yourself!

  • Are you a kick ass trainer with a packed schedule, but find that you can’t fit more hours into the day to make more money?
  • Do you have a ton of certifications that don’t necessarily translate into making more money?
  • Do you want to break free from the big box gym?
  • Do you want to create your own brand that offers something new and revolutionary to your clients?

You can have, do and be more. In this one-of-a-kind fitness business system, you will…

  • Learn how to implement a proven, done-for-you fitness business that will set you apart from other trainers and gyms in your area
  • Break away from working for a gym
  • Stop trading hours for dollars
  • Learn everything you need to start your own unique, stand alone PURSUIT business from the ground up
  • Have the ability to incorporate PURSUIT into your current business structure or brick and mortar business
  • Learn how to custom design a business that matches your personal fitness specialty and any niche that you want to serve

Same old group “boot camp” workout in a park? Nope.

See For Yourself!

We challenge the *fitness status quo* by taking the workout throughout the streets. Using adaptation and reinvention, we utilize every obstacle that crosses our path. Scaffolding, subway steps, or even lines in the crosswalk become an integral part of the training method that fosters accelerated athletic performance.


THIS is outdoor training 2.0. YOUR CITY + YOUR BODY = YOUR GYM


The online training program includes…


Also included is over 6 hours of in-depth and easy-to-follow video streaming to ensure your knowledge is solid!




4 Progressive Body Weight Training Videos: covering over 100 unique body weight training progressions and regressions, and how they can be integrated into city terrain.

Drill Format Walk-Through Video: complete break down of 8 different, customizable drill formats that can be implemented into any city, suburb, beach, or rural setting.

2 Complete Assessment Videos:  implementing our proprietary, dynamic movement and performance assessments into an outdoor group setting, while on the go.


Facebook Ad Campaign Creation and Optimization Video: how to set up, launch, and monitor ad campaigns to get PURSUIT in front of the eyes your exact niche with pin-point accuracy.

Obstacles and Locations Video Tutorial: how to adapt, reinvent, and reinterpret non-traditional spaces in any town or city and turn it into a virtual fitness playground.

4 Ready-to-use client testimonial videos:  plug this social proof immediately into your website.

"PURSUIT has changed our business forever! The materials and constant support from Dr. Laura Miranda and the other coaches has helped us grow to 8 PURSUIT classes a day!" - Frankie & Annette

17 powerful training modules broken down into 5 units

Learn how PURSUIT was created by Dr. Laura Miranda’s successful 16-year history in the NYC fitness industry, one of the most competitive fitness markets in the world.

Understand how were changing the face of training by challenging the “fitness status quo” locally, and around the globe.

Locations include…
Chambursberg, PA
Brisbane, Australia
Philadelphia, PA
Sacramento, CA
Orange County, CA

…and so many more!


Discover how to cultivate a 360 mind-body-fitness experience for your athletes that will give your business staying power and longevity

The PURSUIT Training Method empowers humans with the knowledge and desire to be able to work out with just their bodies, anywhere, anytime. We strategically utilize the city’s obstacles and infrastructure to foster kinesthetic adaptation, athletic innovation and fun!


Learn how to implement PURSUIT into the ideal business model that works best for your current business or/and future goals: Stand alone business, additional programming to your brick and mortar business, small group training program, or elite short term training course or seminar.

Get the secrets behind seamless registration, payments, billing, and dealing with cancellations so you can stay focused on working ON your business, and not IN it.

Learn the technology that effortlessly and strategically automates your marketing funnel (lead collection, display and delivery of your free offer, and follow up email sequence) that turns your online presence into a 24-hour marketing machine (whether you have a website yet or not)

Get the exact method of implementation of the 3 A’s of the PURSUIT training method into any town or city (Anaerobic + Aerobic + Skill Acquisition).

Learn how to implement the proprietary 3 step, active, functional movement assessment in a group setting that is a component of the new and improved warm up system.

Get the in-depth teachings on how to adapt, reinvent, and reinterpret non-traditional spaces in any town or city and turn it into a virtual fitness playground.


What drives the PURSUIT training method and differentiates it from other programs is the “on-the-go” nature of the workout. Learn why without these insider secrets, this traveling aspect of the class can potentially cause the biggest program-crushing organizational headache.

Get the scientific approach to progressive bodyweight training programming: variables and tweaks that deliver max results.




Becoming an elite athlete is a skill, and so is becoming an elite coach. Discover why inspiration, not motivation, is the keystone of a successful coach that changes lives on a grand scale and creates customers for life.

Get the systematic PURSUIT coaching methodology that focuses on NLP techniques, behavioral change and personal development psychology so you can help your clients achieve the kind of success that permeates into the rest of their life, and goes way beyond the one-hour PURSUIT workout

Increasing Exposure and Sign Ups Through Networking and Marketing with Events, Collaborations and Challenges.

Done-for-you protocols to leverage charity events, weight loss challenges, performance competitions and seminars as client attracting, lead generating, and community building tools!

Get the detailed system behind marketing through cross promotional events and brand collaborations

Building Your List and Reaching Your Niche Through Social Media Marketing.

Simple marketing funnels, email cascades, and lead generator guidelines that can automate your email marketing and allow you to focus on other important aspects of y

our business.

Sign up today and you’ll also receive these important BONUSES:

  • Step-by-step instruction on how to set up, run, and tweak targeted Facebook ads to help drive massive local traffic to your website and clients into your program. All of the guess work is removed. Just follow the steps and forget about wasting time or money on ads that do not work.  Learn the basics (and some secret tricks) of Facebook picture and video advertising (not just boosting a post). Imagine getting video views for 1/2 of a cent.
  • 100s of high quality images of clients of all levels training in urban settings to use immediately in your marketing and promotional efforts.
  • Skype call with Dr. Laura Miranda, the creator of PURSUIT Training Method, and the master online fitness marker extraordinaire, Dr. John Spencer Ellis. Rapid fire question and answers distilled down to the nuts and bolts of how to make your PURSUIT business a success from the word GO!

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