When it comes to marketing, there is one thing that emphasize with all the trainers and coaches that I work with… MORE vulnerability.

Talk about your story.
Use it to attract clients.
Be epic and stand for something!

I’m giving you an easy 3 step plan on how to do all of that, TODAY.  (So keep reading.)

If you are struggling to get your message to more people so that you can fill your programs and sessions, THIS is a perfect jumping off point. (Oh and it’s free.)

The perfect, polished, has-it-all-figured-out fit pro can actually drive people away.

You need to show more of your heart, less of your biceps.

Perfect is boring. 

Your audience NEEDS to hear what is lying underneath all of that. They WANT to connect to you, your story, and the mission of why you do what you do (<-the secret sauce.)

Personally, I grew up in an extremely abusive and alcoholic household. Sports and playing outdoors were my escape from the chaos. Jumping from one roof top to the next and climbing on street signs and lamp posts at my grandmas house in Queens, NY, was the only time that I felt free, strong, and empowered. It also taught me that if I wanted to achieve something (anything), it was all up to me.  I had to use obstacles that were put in front of me as a way to become stronger. I’m talking about both figurative obstacles, like escaping and thriving in spite of abuse, and literal ones, like clearing those shafts between buildings 😉   My method of urban training that I’ve been telling you about might make a little more sense to you now.

I’ve learned that you can either let the shit that happens in your life take you down, or you can use it as FUEL to get to the next level.

That’s why one of the Core Values of PURSUIT is

“CHOOSE to use your less-than-perfect life circumstances to find your extraordinary strengths.”

Through this concept, I teach people how to apply this success tool to their lives, not just “on the field” (in the workout), but “off the field” (in real life) as well.

Pushups are pushups. Hard workouts that “burns fat” are a dime a dozen.

HOW WILL YOU separate yourself from your competitors?

Don’t be like your competitors.

Differentiate yourself with your unique training methods, but also with your MESSAGE.

I challenge you to get REAL, TODAY, in your social media marketing:

STEP 1. Create a short video talking about your story, your struggles, or something you have overcome. Tie in how you use what you’ve learned to help change the lives of your clients.  Put a simple, yet intriguing line of text in the post “This is hard for me to say…” or “I’ve never shared this before…”

I did this a few months ago and hit about 5K views, over 30 shares, and 100s of comments. So be ready for a lot of action on your video!

STEP 2. Follow up the next day with “I have a question..”  Create another video that thanks them for their support. Ask if they have struggles that they have overcome, or if they are currently dealing with “stuff” at the moment.

STEP 3. Use the comments on this and the previous video wisely. Don’t just say “Thank you, Mary!” Continue to add value and engage in the conversation. This opens the line of communication for you to be the solution to their issues (by getting them into your coaching/training/group workout etc.)

THIS kind of interaction with your audience is something that you CAN NOT pay for, for even if you tried.

SUPER TIP: Take the conversation into a private message! People WILL open up to you publicly by commenting on your video. Private message them and continue the conversation more intimately. Eventually offer your services to help them with what they have going on!

NEVER be like your competitors.
NEVER be vanilla.



Dr. Laura Miranda DPT, MSPT