How many outdoor workouts are going on in your town right now?

I was running through Central Park yesterday and I saw about 4 boot camps all happening in the same area.
And honestly, it was a shit show.

The clients were ALL over the place; so many different levels of people mashed together, with horrific form and sloppy compensations happening at every joint from the ground up.

Even the dude selling the fake Rolex watches could see the crimes of fitness that were on display in broad day light.
ONE of the underlying problems here is that by nature, group classes have new clients showing up just about every day.

But, rightfully so, it’s difficult for the instructor to

  • Recognize which newbies are susceptible to hurting themselves
  • Get a full grasp on how they move and where their strengths/weaknesses lie
  • Know just how to get the most out of every level of athlete

This “inherent flaw” in group fitness is what inspired me to use my clinical experience of 12 years as an orthopedic sports physical therapist to create a 5-minute group movement screen that’s done each PURSUIT group fitness class.

The full 7-stage assessment system is part of the PURSUIT training methodology, so a short article like this isn’t going to do it justice.
BUT here is one movement pattern in the assessment that you can use right away:

  • Start with arms overhead
  • Drop into a full overhead squat
  • Grab the toes, raise hips to full knee extension
  • Drop hips back down
  • Arms overhead at bottom of squat
  • Return back to start position

This badboy will IMMEDIATELY deliver massive amounts of information about each client’s functional flexibility, fundamental movement patters, joint mobility, kinesthetic awareness, core control, and motor control (to name a few!)

When working with a group, your time and attention is equally as precious as it is limited.
As soon as a new client enters class, the more info you can ascertain about their capabilities, the faster you can use that feedback to demand MORE of them in bio-mechanically sound, custom tailored, RESULTS driven way!

How far can you go with a “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” workout?

Clients that get injured don’t see results, and quit your program.
Clients that get results & stay injury free, are yours forever! (<<Preferred for a long-term business model)

You can get the full PURSUIT assessment and training methodology, plus the entire turn-key business system and certification through NESTA!

NESTA PURSUIT program Dr. Laura Miranda

If you are ready to join this rebellious tribe of trainers and start your own fitness business that challenges the fitness status quo, join the revolution with PURSUIT!